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There are 15 major league teams, five in each of the leagues: Colonial, American, and National. Each team must have 12 players on the roster. The age spread is 10-12 years, eligibility being determined by the age of the player on May 1, 2006. Nine year olds are ineligible to play in the majors in Vienna Little League. Players are selected in a draft. No special requests may be honored at the major league level such as car pools, playing with friends, or playing within a neighborhood. The draft order is determined by the standings of the previous year. The teams with the worst record get to select first. In 2007, the draft order was Colonial League, American League, and then the National League.  Each year the draft order rotates among the three leagues. In 2008, the draft order will be the American League, then the National League, followed by the Colonial League.
Major league teams practice anywhere from two to four times a week. There is at least one weekday game and one game on Saturday. No games are scheduled for Sunday, but in the event of games being rained out, the makeup games are played on Sunday. The majors play an 18-game schedule: Teams play each team in their league twice and all other major league teams once. Practice starts March 1st and the regular season begins on or about April 10th with the Official Opening Day taking place on April 12th. The regular season ends on or about June 10th. At the Major League level, the league provides two or more umpires for each game. These are usually the most experienced umpires. The coordinator for all umpires is Mr. John Kerins.  He is in charge of training, equipping, and assigning umpires to Major League games. He is the official arbiter of protests and rule interpretations. Mr. Kerins’s phone number and email address are listed on the web page.
The participation rule for players in the majors is three innings in the field and at least one time at bat. In the event a game is shortened because of darkness or any other reason and a player does not get to bat or play three innings, that player must start the next game his team plays. A complete set of local rules is available on the Vienna Little League web site.
If a parent does not wish his or her child to play in the majors, the parent must write a letter (email is acceptable) addressed to all of the player agents stating why the parent wishes the player to remain in the minor leagues. The Player Agents are Bill Russell, Tom Cresce, and Jeff Miskell. Their email addresses are on the web site. It must be understood that the Board of Directors votes on each request and decides whether or not to honor the request.
Post-season play consists of the George C. Yeonas Championship series and the All Star season. The GCY Championship series pits the first and second place teams in each league to determine the town champion. Depending on the dictates of the Board of Directors, more or fewer teams may be eligible for the tournament.
Vienna Little League has nine all-star teams, three in each league for the following age groups: 11/12 All Stars; 9/10 All Stars; 11-year-old All Stars.
Selection for the 11/12 all stars is consistent within the three leagues. The players vote on the first five players for the team the last Saturday of the regular season. The five players who receive the most votes are automatically on the all-star team. The league managers meet the following day and decide on the remaining seven to ten players.
Selection for the 9/10 all-star teams varies among the three leagues, but each has a tryout period for all eligible 9 and 10 year olds, including those playing in AA and AAA. The managers in each league determine selection for the 11-year-old all-star team.
At the end of the season, the annual 12-year old Banquet is held to wish the departing 12’s and their families the best of luck. More information on the 12-year old banquet will be available on the web site during the month of March. The presidents of each league are:
National League – John Moloney;
Colonial League – Bill Robinette,
American League – Lanny Bernier.
Their email addresses and phone numbers are listed on the web page. They are in charge of all facets of major league play, administration, and communication.