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Game Day Procedures, Managers' Responsibilities

Emergency Access & Plan

Key in Snackbar to unlock and detach the stanchions and allow vehicular access is located near the back of the snack bar and between Nance and Crabtree. Report any injuries to Safety Officer, Jason Adams, 571.217.3707.

Each manager shall discuss with his team an emergency evacuation plan before each game at each venue.

Game Coordinator

In the absence of an adult umpire, the Home Team shall designate the Pitch Counter and Scorekeeper as Game Coordinators on alternating basis. The GC shall be adults who are non-coach & non-managers and not related to same, and shall attend plate meeting; remain present for entire game; oversee conduct of players, managers, coaches & umpires; enforce playing rules, including disqualifying players, coaches, or managers for unsportsmanlike conduct or arguing with an umpire; and to have the sole authority to suspend games due to weather & determine if they shall be resumed/postponed. (lightning/thunder delay: 30 min. past last strike/sound)


CLOSURE PROTOCOLS for Yeonas and all county grass fields: by 3:30pm M-F,  b/w 7-8AM on Sat, Building & Grounds (Mike Jreige 703.928.3491 makes call; on M-F, between 3:30 and the start of plate meeting, the managers and B&G share responsibly; after plate meeting, the adult umpire or Game Coordinator makes call. Field Closure notifications announced through SI Play.

For FC Parks (Nottoway): check the website

For turfed fields (Black, Cervenak at Glyndon): unless actively raining, can play.


DELAY PROTOCOLS for lightning or thunder: stop game/practice immediately, players clear dugout, go to an automobile. No exceptions. Snack bar will close immediately when lightning or thunder are present. All players and Spectators to vehicles for 30 minutes delay; add’l 30 min delay for each subsequent strike.


If a game is canceled or not continued to completion, both managers shall notify their League Director and Scheduler ( ).

Locks, Lights & Closing the Snackbar

Visiting Team--Open cages, fields, press boxes; turn on Scoreboard & lights (as necessary).

Home Team--Lock cages, fields, press boxes, turn off lights; lock up scoreboard controller.

Last Team Finished--Lock the restrooms & remain until teen snackbar staff has departed.

A1 key for cages & fields is in Mailroom/Lost & Found; combo lock is 1359;  return after use; re-attach locks to gates to prevent loss.

Contact B&G if anything amiss with fields, lights, or locks (


Scoreboards: Controllers for scoreboards located in press boxes. Nance--the circuit breaker is underneath the press box in the tool room on the back wall. SCOREBOARD OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for Crabtree, Rhodes, Cerv.


Crabtree: The light switch is located in between the Vallerie Room and mail/lost & found room--behind  the snack bar. Access: A1 key; switch on the right hand side. Re-lock the room upon exit. Scoreboard

Rhodes: The light box (last box on right) is located next to the dumpsters by Snack Bar. Scoreboard

Black: The light box is located by the bathroom area of Nottoway. Press “Nottoway 5.”  County controls lights. d Scoreboard: metal box, 3b side past gear cage: combo 1-9-3-9 (cordless-needs charged; instructions)

Curry: Light box is located by gazebo. Press “Nottoway 1.” Light availability set by County.

Cervenak Field: Lights set by TOV. Contact Brandy Wyatt (571-235 8343) or John King (571 722 7005). Scoreboard controller & ump gear in restroom bldg: A1 key opens lock; combo 1234; outlets on light poles)

Tarps & Field Care

Cover mound and plate areas with tarps during rain delays. Leave covered if rain persists.


Home Team, last game of day, mound and plate areas: sweep dirt from perimeter toward the middle. As the dirt gathers towards the middle of the area, it should be swept in a circular motion until the center is reached. The circular sweeping will fill holes, allowing rain to re-form a smooth plane.

Tidy Dugout Area

“Lost and Found” is located in our Mailroom behind Snack Bar (lock 1-3-5-9); retain valuable items and report to League Information Officer.

Park Decorum

Calm overly excited or vocal fans. If an adult has been ejected and refuses to leave the Park, or any other situation arises that appears to need assistance from the Police, call the Vienna Police Department (703-255-6300) and be prepared to identify yourself and to describe the situation. No smoking, pets, bike riding, skateboarding, or alcohol.

Notify Your League Director or President of any problems


VLL Gameday & Safety Procedures

Cages at Yeonas:

  • Only adults may feed batting practice balls to pitching machines.

  • Keep players away from netted entryways of cages. No swinging bats outside cages.

Monday-Thursday evening

* Rhodes games use the batting cages adjacent to their fields (access until game time).

* Crabtree - Home, Cage A; Away, Cage B (access until 5:30);

* Nance - Home, Cage C; Away, Cage D (access until 5:30).


Friday evening

Early Games, same as above


Late Games

* Crabtree - Home, Cage A; Away, Cage B, starts at 6:30pm

* Rhodes - Home, Cage C; Away, Cage D, starts at 6:30pm



Crabtree - Home, Cage A; Away, Cage B (upcoming game has priority)

Rhodes - Home, Cage C; Away, Cage D (upcoming game has priority)

Nance - No availability



Crabtree, Rhodes, and Nance - as available.  Scheduled practice slots have priority.



  • Visiting team has 1st base dugout and infield practice from 25 minutes until 15 minutes before game (10 total minutes).

  • Home team has 3rd base dugout and infield practice from 15 minutes until 5 minutes before game (10 total minutes)

  • Warm-up players’ arms before games in outfield not infield.

  • No soft toss or batting tee drills unless hitting into infield/outfield or into portable screen.


Umpire Meeting

  • Five minutes before game with both managers at home plate.

  • Must include Game Coordinator in the absence of an adult umpire.

  • Home team--2 new game balls; visiting team--1 new game ball.


During game

  • No more than 3 adults in dugout--no parents or guests.

  • Players shall remain in dugout, not separate fenced areas.

  • During game, players may only swing bat when actually at bat; keep bats and balls out of dugouts.

  • Only players with mask, cup, and mitt can warm up pitchers in bullpen or on field

  • Ninety seconds expected time from 3rd out until completion of warm-up pitches to start the next half inning.

  • Base coaches cannot take positions until pitcher completes warm-ups.

  • Players should not dig holes in field; coaches should pitch BP from mound, not grass


Post Game

  • Game shortly following? Allow next team to access field for warm up; hold post-game talk off field

  • Home, Visiting, and Last Teams playing have specific post-game responsibilities for field/dugout/Park maintenance and safety (see reverse).


Safety is #1 priority: pick up loose equipment, do not swing bats where not allowed, base runners wear helmets.

No pets permitted at Yeonas or school grounds, not even when on leash. Only exception is service dogs.

Treat Yeonas Park better than your own home and yard.


In the event that an adult umpire has not been working your game, it is the Home team’s responsibility to provide a game coordinator for the game.  This person should be an adult other than the Manger or coaches and unrelated to the Manager or coaches and should be prepared to execute the following actions and activities.

Rule 9.03(d)(1) - Participate in pre-game meeting with managers & umpire (Rule 4.01). Be at pre-game meeting and contribute if needed. Make sure that your name is in the official scorebook.

  1. Pre-game conference (Manager and 1 player from each team).

a)    Get the ineligible pitchers from the Manager and record these on your line-up.

b)    Review ground rules

c)    Ask Managers “Are your players properly equipped per Little League baseball”. “Are your players using Little League-approved bats?” Ensure that you get a verbal response to each question (“Yes”).


  1. 2.Check that official scorer has the lineups recorded correctly (last name & number important) & knows the defensive rules.

  2. No jewelry allowed (except medical alert bracelets) on players

  3. No spectators or unofficial photographers in foul ball areas or behind plate

  4. Meet official scorekeeper; make sure that he/she notes the name of the UIC for that game in the scorebook (Umpires are not  required and are not encouraged to sign the scorebook at the end of the game).

  5. Game starting time

Rule 9.03(d)(2) - Be present at the game at all times.

Rule 9.03(d)(3) - Oversee conduct of all players, managers, coaches & umpires.

Field decorum – Regulation XIV

Umpire judgment & rule violations/misapplication (Rule 9.02)

Unruly spectators (Rule 9.01 (f))

Rule 9.03(d)(4) - Disqualifications/ejections

Our job is to keep everyone in the game, but there are times when a manager, coach, or player steps over the line and brings ejection upon him or herself. Examples…

  • Use of tobacco (in any form) or alcohol

  • Use of electronic communication with personnel during the game

  • Profanity (directed at an umpire or audible f-bomb)

  • Personal insults directed at an umpire; especially the “Y” word (“You ____!”)

  • Physical contact.

  • Refusal to stop arguing & further delaying the game after umpire has provided adequate opportunity for discussion

  • Leaving position to argue balls & strikes; arguing balls & strikes from the dugout (“sniper fire”)

  • Persistently instructing players to infringe the rules (unsportsmanlike conduct).

  • Persistently arguing or objecting to the decisions of an umpire.

  • Intimidating a youth umpire.

  • Histrionic gestures while expressing disagreement with an umpire’s decision

  • Throwing equipment in disgust over an umpire’s call

  • Anything else that the umpire deems inappropriate (Rule 9.03(4)).

Depending on the severity of the offence, the umpires often use a “3 strike” guideline. Two warnings (for “sniper fire”, staring at the offending person or in direction of dugout is a first warning, verbal request to cease is the 2nd warning), followed by ejection (can restrict to the dugout as an intermediate step prior to ejection). If the offence is severe enough, ejection without prior warning may be appropriate.

See also Rule 4.06 & 4.07

Rule 9.03(d)(5) - Stop play for inclement or unsafe playing conditions. You are the sole arbiter of this.


Safety issues (catcher’s gear, batboys, on deck batters, base coaches, bat throwing)

Reporting to league president (Rule 9.05 (a)

What adult game coordinators CANNOT DO!

• Over-rule any umpire’s decision.

• Remove any umpire from the game (Rule 9.02(d)).

Revised 16 April 2018